“Peter Finger is one of my all time favorite guitarists! His
music is highly refreshing and his playing absolutely wonderfull.“
Sergio Assad

„Peter Finger is a truly unique musician – and I love his work!“
Tommy Emmanuel c.g.p.

„Peter just seems to go from strength to strength.
Everytime I hear him he has moved on and he was pretty
astounding back in the early days. ‘Blue Moon’ is simply awesome.“
John Renbourn

„I think that Peter adds a whole new dimension to the
world of fingerstyle guitar. He’s phenomenal!“
Buster B. Jones

„Peter is a musical bomb exploding with textures, ideas and athmospheres.“
Stefan Grossman

„Peter Finger combines awesome chops with an advanced
compositional sensibility that puts him in the highest echelon
of contemporary acoustic guitarists.“
Laurence Juber

„Peter Finger is a true original guitarist. His music is intelligent,
emotional and captivating. I believe that he’s one of the best
guitarists that ever walked the planet!“
Peppino D’Agostino

„Peter Finger is much more than a great guitarist playing a very
dynamic and intensive music with many orchestral qualities, he is
a real artist and composer using his instrument as a vehicle, with
a very distinctive sound and touch.He also has all my gratitude
for his longtime support to guitar music in general. We owe
him a lot. For all this, thank you Peter!“
Pierre Bensusan

„Peter Finger is a living legend in the world of acoustic guitar music.
A virtuoso guitarist and gifted composer, he’s probably done more
to promote the acoustic guitar than anyone I know.“
Martin Taylor

„Hector Berlioz, one of the greatest masters of orchestration,
says in his method that the guitar (and he played the guitar himself!)
sounds like a small orchestra. When Ilisten to Peter Finger playing his
compositions on the guitar I have the feeling I’m not listening to a
small but to a full symphonic orchestra!“
Marco Pereira
Rio de Janeiro February, 15th 2005

„The first time I heard Peter Finger completely transformed what I
thought the guitar could do. I was no stranger to sophisticated guitar
music but Peter’s music just opened a whole new world of technique
and melody.“
Kevin Ryan

„Peter Finger writes music with a harmonic palette that is broader than
what usually hears in the acoustic guitar world. His music is interesting,
colorful and full of life. But beyond any analysis, I just like it. I look
forward to each new release, and play the cd’s repeatedly when they arrive.“
David Tanenbaum

„…Peter has crafted a playing style all his own. His compositions represent
some of the most creative, original and exciting music on the guitar scene today…“
Woody Mann